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Relocation of Daegu Water Intake Station to Upper Stream of the Nakdong River
Joint use of source water (Grade 1 water) in upstream Nakdong River as metropolitan water intake site for
   Daegu-Gyeongbuk region
Resolution of distrust among residents of the city and province over tap water safety resulting from water pollution
   accidents, and increasing of regional harmony
Project overview
Water intake station (under review) : Ilseon-gyo bridge area, Dogae-myeon, Gumi City
Project scale: planned intake volume : 930,000㎥/day (Daegu: 60, Gyeongsangbuk: 33),
   construction of water supply pipelines : 60km
Village-level Development of Natural Underground Water
Development of high-quality natural underground water as drinking water source in preparation for water pollution
Provision of a minimum volume of drinking water in the event of emergency, and supplying of drinking water in normal
Project overview
Location and scale : 35 places
  - By region: Jung-gu 3, Dong-gu 1, Seo-gu 4, Nam-gu 3, Buk-gu 5, Suseong-gu 2, Dalseo-gu 15, Dalseong-gu 2
  - By usage: Parks 23, schools 4, hospitals 4, sports facilities 2, apartments 1, others 1
Future plans
Seek to expand phased yearly development of natural underground water (265 sites) 
Seek to supply more than 5 liters of emergency drinking water to each Daegu citizen per day
Change of Drinking Water Source Protection Area at Gongsan Dam
Execution of a water quality improvement project and installation of water quality monitoring systems
Innovation of individual household-related rainwater and wastewater facilities, and installation of facilities
    for prevention of non-point pollution source
Project period: 2012 ~ 2013(2 years)
Reinforcement of Source Water Quality Management
Increase of inspection items for ensuring more thorough water quality monitoring: 70 → 100 items
Operation of a pan-regional water quality monitoring network on the Nakdong River system
Conducting of remote 24-hour water quality monitoring of water source at the Nakdong River
     (Munsan Water Purification Plant)
Conducting of surveys of pharmaceutical drugs and antibiotic substances that have recently come under controversy
Water Quality Management through Nakdong River Restoration Project
Preparation of measures, including installation of buffers for preventing pollution and muddying, to prepare for inflow
     of high-turbidity water
Increase of processing efficiency at purification plants through extension of sedimentation period, decrease in filtering
     speed, and adjustment of injection rate of coagulant (PAC) in the event of inflow of muddy water during construction 
Reinforced real-time monitoring of pollution levels by using the national automatic water quality survey network
Monitoring of major locations (Seongju Grand Bridge) of Nakdong River’s main stream: daily
Conducting of education for preventing water pollution accidents: Quarterly
Acquisition of pollution control equipment and water purification chemicals for respective purification plants
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