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Introduction of Pre-ozonation Processing Facilities at Maegok, Munsan Purification Plants
Maximize efficiency in water purification of small-volume harmful substances through the installation of pre-
     and post-ozonation facilities
Mitigate distrust in water safety by supplying drinkable, safety-assured tap water
Location: Maegok, Munsan Purification Plants
Scale: Pre-ozonation treatment facilities: 1 million ㎥/ day (Maegok 80, Munsan 20)
Project period: Aug 2009 ~ Dec 2012
Introduction of Membrane Filtration Treatment Facility at Gongsan Purification Plant
Current status of water quality at Gongsan Dam
Source water with annual average COD reading at 5㎎/L since 2006 exceeds permissible environmental standards
     by three grades,
The level of aggregate THMs and HAAs, by-products of sterilization, is higher at this plant than other plants
Density of geosmin and 2-MIB, substances that induce certain tastes and smells, is higher than at other plants
    Project overview
Scale: Gongsan Purification Plant 40,000㎥/Day
Project period: Mar 2010 ~ Dec 2012
Construction of Power Substation with Indoor Gas-insulated Switching Systems at Maegok
     Purification Plant
Cessation of parts supply due to the expiry of projected lifespan (20 years) of electric facilities
Seek to ensure stable power supply by replacing aged facilities with indoor gas-insulated switching systems
Project overview
Project scale: Construction of a power substation building (two story with total floor space A=1,200㎡) 1 unit
                      Power reception facility (154kV, 25/30MVA) 1 unit
Project period: May 8, 2009~ Jun 27, 2011
Strengthening of Purified Water Quality
Through inspection of drinking water quality: 175 items
Conduct purification plant water quality inspections that meet legal standards
Secure the safety of drinking water by removing infectious microorganisms (protozoon, virus)
Secure the safety and quality of water in water supply process
Set and manage water quality goals for respective phases of water purification
Maintain turbidity at purification plant at 0.1NTU or lower
Maintain residual chlorine level at 0.5~0.6㎎/L at purification sites, and 0.1㎎/L at the end of pipelinee

Construct a comprehensive water quality information system
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