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Construction of Waterfront Space at Gachang Dam
The appearance of the area is not in harmony with its environs due to an aged,
   tall fence (installed in 1988) located directly next to a curved section of a narrow road (6 meter-wide provincial road)
Rose and arrowroot vines covering the fence in a disorderly fashion effectively block views of the dam
Need to improve views and appearance for a vehicular route around the dam (installation of low fence)
Project overview
Project period: Jan 2010~Nov 2010
Scope: areas around Gachang Dam spanning 3,012㎡
Key installations 
   - Rest facilities, observatory, restrooms, parking sections, benches, scenic observation points, fence repair
   - Installation of safety facilities and walking paths
Conducting of Project to Improve Water Quality and Environment at Shincheon Stream
Transmission of water from the Nakdong River to Gachang Purification Plant by using existing water collection and
   piping facilities due to the closure of Duryu Purification Plant
Creation of clean and fresh urban environment by supplying water to flow through Shincheon stream after
   sedimentation treatment
Location: Duryu Boosting Station ~ Gachang Purification Plant
Project scale: Installation of pipelines D=1,200mm, L=6.8㎞, Renovation of facilities at Gachang Purification Plant: 1 unit
Project period: Mar 2010 ~ Dec. 2011
Enhancement of Public Trust in Tap Water Quality
Conduct water quality inspection jointly with citizens
Productive and efficient operation of the “Tap Water Assessment Committee” comprising 10 civilians
Conducting of “Tap Water Experience Tour” events, through which citizens participate in tours to see the entirety of
   tap water production and supply processes (twice yearly)
Increase transparency in water quality management to ensure public trust
Publish a tap water quality report (650,000 copies), expanded implementation of public announcements in the event
   of abnormal conditions in tap water quality
Post water quality information and administration data (budget, book closing and management) on the tap water
   service homepage
Provide tap water service that satisfies citizens
Provide tap water supply service that uses a civil complaint resolution satisfaction system
Address civil complaints in local communities by operating video producers’ monitoring system
Free or discounted inspection of indoor water leakages, on-site inspection of tap water meters
Galvanize the operation of tap water service centers; operate in-building (household) water supply counseling
   taskforces (7 units)
Campaign to Promote Positive Image of Tap Water
Galvanize study tours to purification plants by homemakers, NGO members, students: 27,000 people yearly
Conduct public relations activities by exploiting ‘Daegu Water Love’ and county and ward office newsletters
Promotion of tap water through participation in the Colorful Festival and public events, and free giveaways of bottled
     tap water (500,000 bottles per year)
Promotion of the high quality of tap water at sports facilities, including Daegu Stadium (on the ground, on screens)
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