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In the wake of large-scale accidents involving tap water, including phenol contamination at the Nakdong
     River in 1991 (Korea’s first tap water contamination accident) and ammonia nitrogen contamination
     in 1994, advanced facilities for enhanced purification (ozone and charcoal) were introduced to produce
     high-quality tap water.
Since a string of tap water source contamination accidents at the Nakdong River, Daegu’s source water
     protection and water purification technology has made great strides to reach the level of advanced
, contributing to boosting public awareness of the importance of tap water service nationwide and
     to advancing the service itself. These developments served as a turning point for transitioning Korea’s tap
     water policy, which previously focused on supply volume, to one centered on water quality. 
By introducing water pollution surveillance measures and systems through state-of-the-art automated
     water quality monitoring networks, Daegu has prepared an upgraded real-time response system,
     thus setting an exemplary model of river management. 
Daegu City has proactively conducted water quality work for tap water sources and water systems, and installed automated water quality monitoring systems at major tap water sources and river systems in order to put in place prompt response measures in the event of a pollution accident.
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‘Daegu’s Clean Water’Serves Citizens
In order to enhance transparency in water quality management for “Daegu’s Clean Water,” and to satisfy the civic right to know, Daegu has formed tour groups for non-governmental organizations (environmental, consumer and women’s groups) and homemakers, and offered them “Tap Water Experience Tours” since 2008, as it implements advanced tap water service administration in partnership with citizens.  
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