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1. Securing Ample Water Resources in Preparation for Water Shortagea
It expands the volume of secured water for use to prepare Korea for future water shortages
   (800 million㎡ in 2011, 1 billion ㎡ in 2016) and drought.
It will entail the installation of eco-friendly weirs and dredging of the riverbed (Daegu region: Ganjeong weir, Dalseong weir)
2. Preparing Systemic Measures to Control Flooding to Prevent Flood Damage
It will lower the flood level (0.4~3.9 meters) through dredging of sediment at the riverbed, and increase the capacity
   to control flood levels through the installation of low-lying areas designed for river flood control.
It will improve water flow by installing dykes designed to streamline the flow at confluence points of rivers.
   (Gangjeong section dykes of the Nakdong River- Geumho River confluence point)
Investment is shifting from a focus on flood damage recovery to one centered on flood prevention
3. Improving Water Quality at Rivers and Restoring Ecosystems
It will allow for systemic management of highly contaminated river basins and thoroughly manage non-point pollution
It will help restore river ecosystems through the streamlining of farmlands in dry river sections, the creation of wetlands,
   and the formation of waterfront eco-belts.
4. Creating Multi-Purpose Space for Harmony with Local Residents
It will create spaces for various leisure activities, including the establishment of new aquatic activity sites, bike paths and
   waterfront leisure facilities.
It will create new general landmark culture spaces through the creation of a Green Super Belt.
※ What is the Landmark Green Super Belt in the local community?
- Construction of paths (B=100m and L=20km), including bike paths, marathon courses and green zones, around Super Dykes (Hawon Resort in Dalseong-gun, Daegu City – Daeni Mountain in Hyeonpung-myeon)
5. Spurring the Activation of the Local Economy through a Green New Deal Project
The Nakdong River Restoration Project will contribute to reviving the economy by creating jobs and expanding production.
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