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The Major Projects for Water Quality Improvement
Expansion and advancement of environmental facilities: Sewage•waste water treatment facilities (74), Village level sewage
   pipelines (238), Animal wastes treatment facilities (6), Reinforcement of TP treatment facilities (110), Expansion of sewage
   pipelines (68)
Control planning for non-point contaminating source: Rainwater retention facilities, ecological detention ponds (23),
   Agricultural ponds and ecological wetlands (33), buffering retention facilities in the industrial complex for preventing
   pollution accidents (9)
The Major Projects for Ecological Restoration
Arrangement of farming land within the river basin and installation of ecological wetlands (8 points, 15km)
Installation of state rivers and ecological rivers within the river system (407km) and restoration of branch streams (13)
   and city streams (1)
Creation of Multi-Purpose Spaces for Local Communities
Installation of bicycle lanes connecting upstream and downstream regions (743km)
Establishment of the super green belt (Daegu Dalsung) as a local landmark (Hwawon Amusement Park, Dalsung Kun,
   Daegu City~Daeni Mountain, Hyunpung Myun)
Local Development along with the River
Maintenance of local streams directly flowing into the River (148points, 862km) - Installation and reparations of banks
   (633km), Dredging sewage pipeline (99km), Development of ecological streams (130km)
Development of Waterfront in the Gang-Seo New City, Busan, Development of Green Super Belt in Daegu
See Image for Nakdong River Restoration will be completed in the following stages
Decrease of Flood Water Level through Dredging Sediments
The newly developed water control planning for the complete prevention of flood disasters will be applied The damage
   caused by bank leakage and river inundation will be minimized by decreasing flood water levels
Dredging planning will be established in consideration for the site conditions, constructive feasibility, economic feasibility,
   and environmental impacts

Ensuring Prompt Flood Prevention and Water Level Lowering through the Expansion of Water Gates in the Estuary Bank

The flood water levels have increased up to 20% compared to the planned flood water levels when the Nakdong River Estuary Bank was installed
classification Planned Flood Water Amount Remarks
At the time of construction Present
Nakdong River Estuary Bank 18,300 ㎥/s 22,000 ㎥/s + 3,700 ㎥/s
Lowering the Downstream Water Level by approximately 1.1m by expanding the Nakdong River Drainage Water Gates
River Project Width(m) Height / Length
Nakdong River Expansion of Drainage Water Gates 47.5 9.2
Enhancing the Water Control Security Level through the Reinforcement of Old Banks (335km)
Increasing flood control capacity through dam installation and heightening of the banks of agricultural reservoir
Enhancing water flow at the confluence through the installation of a training dyke
The Function of the Training Dyke
At the confluence, the flow features and shape of river can be changed by the influence of water levels, water flow
   velocity, and flowing sand levels
The installation of the training dyke is required for the smooth flow of flooding water without impact between the main
   stream and branch streams
The location of training dyke installation sites (pilot project)
Rivers District Location Extension(km)
Nakdong River Gangjung District The confluence of Gumho River 1.42
Youngsoon District The confluence of Young River 1.88
Pungchun District The confluence of Gwangsan Stream 1.35
See Image for Gangjeong District int the Nakdong River-Gum
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